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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, drink in moderation
French Addiction wines are now available at selected Monoprix stores in Paris!
Fundraising News
French Addiction finalizes its first round of fundraising, having acquired 330,000 Euros from private investors.
Investir magazine
Investir magazine has selected French Addiction as a company eligible for the tax incentive STF. For further information, please contact A. Gillain at 01 42 27 35 25 (Office) or 06 80 14 78 98 (Mobile).
Partnership Established with Cadeau-Loisirs
Cadeau-Loisirs has selected French Addiction wines for its new "Wine Box" to be used at evening tasting and oenological events in Paris and Bordeaux.
Partnership with Androuet
French Addiction and cheese merchant Androuet have partnered to organize evening wine and cheese tastings. These evenings are open to both companies and individuals and will be held in the 17th Arr. of Paris. Each session will have a maximum capacity of 16 persons. For additional information, please call 01 42 27 35 25.
01 . Cadeau-Loisirs
Discover the new collection of gift boxes from Cadeau-Loisirs, starting with the beautiful Oenologie box, co-developed by French Addiction...
02 . Puerto Cacao
Hands-down the best chocolate seller in Paris! It is with Puerto Cacao that we organize our Wine & Chocolate evenings, which are sure to astonish...
03 . Innocent!
Our favorite brand of Smoothies! French Addiction supports Innocent! both for its values as well as the taste of its delicious products...
04 . Androuet
The famous French cheese merchant is the exclusive partner of French Addiction for all Wine & cheese tastings!
05 . Ze Addicted Club
The club for amateur wine lovers to savor French Addiction and other good wines...